Texas 2019 @ Portsmouth App

In order to be greener and to reduce the amount of printed material, we are providing all the important information like personal schedules for Texas2019 in a handy mobile application. Please check below on how to install and access the app.


You can find the app on the Google Play store by following the link underneath the following icon:

For Android phones without access to the Google apps, we also provide the application file (apk) separately (please make sure that you allow for the installation of applications from ‘Third party’ sources). You can download the apk file by simply clicking the icon below:

For iPhone and iPad users, we offer an iOS version of the Texas 2019. You can find it in the app store by clicking onto the icon below:

In case you do not have a compatible mobile device, you can alternatively use our web-based version of the app. You can access it by opening the following URL in your preferred browser:


First steps

  • Once you installed the app on your mobile device and opened it (or visited the site containing the web version of the app), you will be asked for your login credentials. If this is the first time you use this app on any device, simply enter the same email address you used for your registration at Texas 2019. You will then be asked to set a password for your account, followed by a form to complete your personal profile.
  • Once you successfully logged in, you can then e.g. start to compose your own personal schedule for the Texas 2019 meeting. All plenary talks and general events have been already added to your schedule. You can browse and add additional talks from the ‘Parallel Session’ tab as you like.