Poster Support

We look forward to welcoming you to Portsmouth in a little over a week’s time!

Posters boards will be displayed from Monday to Thursday in the main Guildhall auditorium.

The maximum display area available for each poster is 0.9m (horizontal) x 1.2m (vertical), suitable for displaying A0 size posters (portrait).

Posters may be put up from 4pm – 8pm on Sunday evening and from 8.30-9.15am on Monday, and should be taken down at the end of Thursday afternoon or in the morning coffee break on Friday morning. Posters not removed by 12.30pm on Friday will be thrown away.

Participants with a poster accepted may bring their poster with them, or we are able to offer a free printing service for you if the poster is sent to by midday (12:00 UTC) on Tuesday 10th December. Posters will be printed on A1 paper and can be collected in the Guildhall on Sunday afternoon (4-7pm) or Monday morning (from 8.30am).

To use this service please upload the poster as a pdf file to a cloud location (such as google drive) from where we can download the poster, and send us an email with a link to the file. If that is not possible please attach the file to your email but try to minimise the file size required.

The email subject should be “[POSTER] <participant name>“.

Please send the email from the account used to register for the symposium. Only one poster can be printed per participant.

We will send an email to confirm it has been successfully received.

We will provide pins to fix the posters to the boards.

Sent on behalf of the LOC