Programme & Events

Outline Timetable

Sunday 15/12

Monday 16/12

Tuesday 17/12

Wednesday 18/12

Thursday 19/12

Friday 20/12

Plenary Sessions

For full details of the plenary talks see our invited speakers and plenary session pages.

Registration & Reception

Sunday 15th December, Portsmouth Guildhall

Registration will open in the Guildhall from 4pm on the afternoon of Sunday 15th December, followed by a drinks reception in the evening, 6.30-8pm.

Public Event - Exploring the Universe of Black Holes with Gravitational Waves

Tuesday 17th December, Guildhall auditorium

The recent discovery of gravitational waves from colliding black holes has provided us with a new window onto astrophysics and cosmology. Prof Bernard Schutz (Cardiff University) will host a informative and lively discussion on Wednesday evening between 7.30pm and 9pm in the Guildhall with a panel of leading experts in the emerging field of gravitational wave astronomy: Prof Sheila Rowan, Prof Bangalore Sathyaprakash, Dr Tanja Hinderer and Dr. Laura Nuttall. Tickets are free of charge for both conference delegates and members of the public, but need to be reserved in advance as there is only a limited amount available. For more details, see HERE.

Conference Dinner

Wednesday 18th December, Historic Dockyard

The conference dinner will be held on the evening of Wednesday 18th December in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, home to many famous ships of the Royal Navy, including HMS Warrior and Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory. The dinner will be held starting at 7.30pm in Boathouse 7 with a traditional English 3-course dinner including reception drinks and table wine.